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What to Expect


IL Concealed Carry Q&A

The State of Illinois requires that individuals wanting to apply for the IL Concealed Carry complete 16 hours of training using state approved curriculum before being allowed to apply for the  License. The majority of this training is classroom work. The first 8 hours will cover all basic safety and shooting fundamentals. The second day will cover the Concealed Carry Law itself and all the areas associated with carrying a concealed  firearm. How to interact with Police Officers while carrying, when you are authorized to use your firearm for self defense and everything in between.  

The classroom portion of the IL Concealed Carry Classes are held at the Newark IL American Legion Post 459, located at 606 Fennel Road. We start at 0800am each day and finish around 4:30 pm.

We take a short lunch each day,  your welcome to brown bag it or visit one of the local venues, Subway, Country Kitchen,  the Norway Store and the Last Chance all have great food and are close by. 

We try to do all the shooting on Saturday the first day of the class after lunch. Please don't bring any guns or ammo into the classroom. We will provide training props for demonstrations, just leave them in your vehicle.

 Dress for the weather and wear clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. If the weather is bad we will make accommodations for shooting on another day, but as of now we have always been able to get all the shooting done on either Saturday or Sunday

The shooting portion takes place at the TriggerFarm® Range just a short 5 miles away. 

You will need 200 rounds of ammo for the class, you will have the opportunity to qualify at different levels for the NRA Basic Pistol portion of the class. You will not need a holster for the class, proper drawing and shooting from the holster techniques will be demonstrated. We will also have several holsters for you to examine to help those who don't know what to look for in purchasing a holster or a firearm as well. 

The qualification for the IL Concealed Carry is only 30 shots, 10 shots at 5yards (15ft), 10 shots at 7yards (21ft) and 10 shots at 10 yards (30ft). You will need to make 21 hits out of the 30 to qualify! easy stuff  right, no worries we take our time cause we own and operate the range, no rush, no time limits. 

Basic Defensive Pistol Q&A

 400 rounds of Instruction, this class was designed as a follow up to the IL Concealed Carry. The class is 3 hours long and is conducted at the TriggerFarm® Range. It reviews the basic safety and shooting fundamentals, reviews and incorporates drawing and shooting from the holster, speed reloading, tactical reloading, shooting and moving and shooting from cover. 

At the end we shoot the challenge course which allows you to use all the aspects of the class in a fun and competitive way if you choose, otherwise challenge yourself.   

What type of handgun should I use for the class? Typically a full or mid size works best the ammo capacity allows for more shooting and less reloading, your fingers will appreciate it! 

Advanced Defensive Pistol Q&A

This class is for those looking to push there skill levels even higher. 

This class is 3 hours and starts at 1:00pm on Sundays. 

Who can take the class? You need to attend two Basic Defensive Pistol Classes to gain the skill and experience needed to participate in this class. 

Topics of Shooting Instruction for this class include

Close Quarter Combat shooting/push off drills shooting one handed from the draw

Shooting from sitting positions

Shooting from a vehicle 

Speed reloading and malfunction drills 

Running and gunning

Multiple Steel target drills