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Dedicated Instructors

Our  Instructors are top notch ! very professional with real field experience.  That knowledge will be incorporated into your instruction and they do not portray the Drill Instructor Mentality. More likely than not humor will be used to make a serious matter understandable.    

Our Motto

"Shoot more, pay less"  We offer training that is comparable to what police and military professionals receive at a very reasonable cost. I would rather see someone get some  good practical training than waste money at a  range just shooting at  stagnant  targets and not learning anything or challenging themselves 


Concealed Carry and way more!

We offer monthly IL Concealed Carry Classes as a starter. This class is great for beginners because we teach as if everyone has never fired a gun before. 

We follow this class up with the Basic and Advanced Defensive Pistol Instruction . These 3 or 4 hour classes are designed to hone your safety and shooting fundamentals. We introduce and fire from the holstered position, building muscle memory with  hundreds of repetitions. while introducing critical shooting skills such as shooting and moving, shooting from cover and speed reloading. All for a reasonable price.

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