Calendar of Events

2019 IL Concealed Carry 3 Hour Renewal Class

Feb 24 th 09:00am 

March 16th  09:00am

April 6th 09:00am 


May 4th 09:00am 

June 8th 09:00

July 6th 09:00


2019 Basic Defensive Pistol two sessions each day ......9am-Noon and 1pm -4pm

March 23th 

April 27th

May 18

June 29

July 20


2019 Advanced Defensive Pistol (one session Noon -4pm)

March 24th

April 28th

May 19

June 30

July 21


IL Concealed Carry Renewal 3 Hour Class



Don't wait I'm assuming its gonna take 90 days to complete the renewal process. If you do the renewal now you can send in your application with plenty of time.